Repairing a Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 has a glass front and back, which means it’s got the potential to get cracked in quite a few places. We carry our phones with us everywhere; in pockets, handbags, rucksacks or just in our hands. There are so many opportunities to drop it or for it to smash against other objects, it’s no wonder so many of us end up with a cracked phone, wondering how we are going to fix our most used piece of tech.

If you’ve cracked the front screen

If you’ve cracked or shattered the front screen you may be in quite an unfortunate position and you will need a nexus 4 screen repair kit or the services of a nexus repair company like get it repaired ltd. Both the glass and the screen are fused together which means your touch screen capabilities will more than likely become unusable.

The average cost of repairing one of these screens is over 3 times more expensive than repairing other models, so you’ll firstly want to consider whether or not it’s worth it (depending on how long you have had the phone, contract length etc). If you send it to LG they will send you a quote for repair but you should expect it to be well over £70.00. You could also look into a third party fixing it but again, it won’t be cheap.

If you do want to have a go at doing it yourself, the best option is to follow a video which shows you in detail exactly how to fix the phone. The process is quite fiddly so you’ll need to have steady hands and quite a bit of spare time. Here are some links to useful repair videos explaining exactly what to do;,, (digitizer only).


If you’ve cracked the back of your Nexus 4

Repairing the back of a Nexus 4 is a lot easier than replacing the front and you should be able to do this easily yourself.

Here are some simple and basic steps to help you:

1. Using a T5 screwdriver take your time removing the back of your Nexus 4.

2. Paying care and attention, direct your attention to the copper stickers located close to the power button hole (on the broken casing) and carefully remove them (they are extremely thin).

3. After you have gently removed them, attach them to your replacement cover.

4. Next take out the wireless charger, again taking care not to damage it.

5. Now attach the wireless charger to your new cover.

6. You should now be able to attach your new cover easily to the back of your Nexus 4.

Like repairing the front cover, it is easier to follow an instruction video if you need additional guidance. Here are two useful Nexus 4 back cover repair videos;,



Complete guide to repairing your Nexus 4 mobile phone